HAS! -Handmade,Artisanal,Slow Fashion- That's us!

HAS! -Handmade,Artisanal,Slow Fashion- That's us!

Hi there!

We are launching our latest campaign named "HAS" which stands for handmade, artisanal slow fashion!

We started as a conscious label rooted in Christian principles and ever since it has only been established that we have always been and always will be a "HAS" label!

Everyone "HAS" to be aware of the environment eventually!

We always have said "NO" to the loud, made in bulk , using cheap fabric( sometimes leftover stock from Pamunuwa) kind of fashion.

Real fashion we feel should add value! From the fabric manufacturer to the design and manufacturing and ultimately to the consumer and the environment!

Although we are not big on recycling as we like to create new from new, we believe in buying something and wearing it for long and styling it up!!

This makes us feel good about what we do and I know everyone who supports us believes in this concept too! Let's try to be a "HAS" consumer and leave a better world and less landfills!

Thank you for all your love!

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