What are our favourite bridesmaid trends right now?

What are our favourite bridesmaid trends right now?

Whilst everyone talks of the bride not much attention is been given to the bridesmaids usually! So I thought let's talk about the trends about town a little bit more, after all she plays an important supportive role to the bride on her most special day!

Some of our favourite ideas are mentioned below..

Print and solid mix

No doubt my favourite combination at the moment! Print and solid mix on hues! It creates an amazing mix of shapes and colours and adds a little oomph to the whole look! Add to that with a bride in white in the middle just completes the look!

Dark and light tone mixes

Playing with these tones again creates an amazing blend of colours and adds charcter to the retinue rather than keeping everyone in a boring single colour! Change the shapes a little and you gave a whole collection of personas mixed and matched together to create an amazing cohesive retinue that is still very unique.

Same details as the bride

This I see as a unique feature although a little costly and detailed here the bridesmaid has the same 3d butterfly details along with the little maids but in different shades. It creates an amazing flow and a modern twist to the whole look!

We do offer some bridesmaid/prom designs from our readywear line as well or you can get this custom designed for your wedding/event.

Have a super week!!! Stay blessed!

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