What makes you a luxury fashionista?

What makes you a luxury fashionista?

Fashion comes in every size and price. Needless to say just because you buy expensive doesn't make you look expensive.

Here are some of my tips from running a luxe fashion brand on how to dress expensive.

1. Invest in custom designs-

There is something about a creation made especially for you. Especially if you do build a long term relationship with the designer and he/she learns your preferences. A creation made especially for you comes with a price tag that really cannot be as no one else has it.If you are buying off the rack look for a designer brand rather than high street. A good statement designer piece will stand out rather than the high street brand every tom, dick and harry will buy.

2. Wear expensive looking colours-

Depending on your skin colour there are specific colours that will look expensive on you. Standards like a midnight blue, white, black and gold are staples. Apart from that each person can carry a certain amount of colours that would look unique on them. If you have a designer consultant then you can always consult them on what looks best on you.My favourites are black, white, nude and gold mixed with the occassional yellow, burgandy or a green.

3. Pair your outfit with suitable minimal jewellery -

This is another factor. I prefer certain signature pieces myself that I have curated over the years. Don't get caught like that aunty who wears bangles and earrings and gold chains! So passe! If you wear gold keep it minimal for an evening out or day, unless its a wedding and you can wear one statement piece. I see ladies wearing gold chains and bangles on a day to day basis mixed with jeans and t shirts and there cannot be a worse choice. My favourite go- to's are pearls. I think they make any outfit look cooler. Even if you wear it with jeans. I have some pearls i've inherited along with some i've purchased over the years.

4. Accessories -

Shoes and bags don't necassiry have to be designerwear but a well made shoe and a bag makes a difference!Go for a mix and match! Don't be seen with the same one every day! That gives an air of taste and versatility. Invest in good make and finish. At least have the basics such as tan, black, gold, silver to suit any occassion. You can also invest in other colours you love.

5. Build your own style -

What screams you? Your style ultimately will speak for you. Don't follow trends. Trends are for the ones who have no direction. This takes time but a good designer will always help you build your identity visually.

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