What's the big deal about Couture?

What's the big deal about Couture?

Everyone talks so highly of Couture the world over! People say "that's a specialized area as opposed to Ready to wear.

Especially in asian countries such as India or Sri Lanka there is not much of a definition that separates this from a regular tailor!

So is there really a difference?

On the contrary, there is much!

One must not confuse tailoring with Couture.

A couturier is a designer who looks closely at the client and creates something unique for that person for a specific occasion and often some of the details include creating a new fabric it self. Mostly how a couturier would do is by adding embellishments based on a specific design for that specific design only.

A couturier also develops their own patterns in house by hand and creates their own cuts and cut designs unlike a tailor who would use the same pattern slightly adjusted for many clients or a designer who would use basic sizes for readywear.

The outfit is first made in a toile to check the perfect fit and then on to the actual fabric. Once the actual garment is cut there will be several fitting sessions until perfection is achieved with hand sewing included.

A couture dress always has under-pinnings and under details to make a garment sit well on the clients body.

So now you know the basic variations and what to expect when you order an outfit from a couturier.

It all starts with a sketch but the end result is quite different due to attention given in detail.

I have shared an image of a midway fiton we did for a photoshoot last year! If you do want to see more please do subscribe to our blog and website for all offerings!

I also make outfits for clients overseas so if you would like to get one made please do drop me a message on our website and we will arrange for a video call with you!


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